VR Viewer

VR (Virtual Reality) Experience

Attach your smartphone to VR goggles

No expensive dedicated equipment is required. Just attach your smartphone to the VR goggles.
VR goggles are very affordable. You can buy it at Amazon etc...

Attach your smartphone to the VR goggles and look around.
Want to walk around? Of course it's easy. Let's step on the spot. If your line of sight is slightly downward, you will move forward. If you face a little higher, you are back.
You can really walk instead of stepping, but we are not responsible for hitting your head somewhere, so please do not worry

Open VR (Virtual Reality) from your website

Open link and return to your page

  1. Log in with your Web-XR Studio account.
  2. Enter the domain of your blog or website in the Access Restrictions on the Analysis page of the published unit.
  3. Copy the URL displayed in [AR Viewer Direct Link] on the published unit information page.
  4. Used as text link or image link in HTML of blogs and websites.
  5. You can also set a link back to your page by setting a parameter option.

Link options for 3D VR Unit

Parameter Description
&callback=your_url Specifies the URL of the back link. Without this option, link to the top of XR Studio from the string [Web-XR]
&letter=free_letter Specify the character string to be displayed in the back link. If this option is not present, the string [Back] will be displayed.


https://web-xr.studio/jp/vr/4?callback=http://example.com/example&letter=Go back to example.com