Establish 3D as web content

3D on websites is based on WebGL technorolgy
WebGL is extremely sophisticated, and its quality is almost same as 3D game programes, if it is in a rich environment such as a gaming PC.
However, when considering it as web content, it may be necessary to compromise on the high expressiveness and richness of the content.

Website can be open anywhere.
Even if it's 3D that works comfortably on your machine, it may be too heavy for a web visitor's machine.
Furthermore, "loading time" is a big issue. The speed at which the content responds the moment it is accessed. 3D content where the indicator keeps spinning for tens of seconds in a WiFi environment is terrible in a mobile environment.
It is very different from the app that requires pre-installation. As long as it is on the web, we need to consider the "loading time".

What is WEB-XR.studio?

Objects can be read in stages at any time as a creator want.
Since it is possible to control the behavior of animation data for several seconds divided into parts instead of a series of sequence animations, it is possible to design free movements even if the data size is kept small.
The data of the framework itself is also very small.

Ingenuity of the creator. With the function of WEB-XR.studio that can support the ingenuity, small data and high-speed web 3D contents can be created.

WEB-XR.studio is a Web3D development framework that allows setting and scripting of 3D models that have been modeled and textured with general 3D tools without programming knowledge.

Please reach to these tutorials, you would understand that it is an easy-to-use tool.

Learn its concept

WEB-XR.studio has a set of edit tools for development.
The tool also means that you can't master it without learning how to use it, just like Photoshop and Excel.

However, it is not necessary to read through this document in its entirety. First of all, once you understand the basic points, you should refer to this document when you have questions.

Please read this for its concept

Target user

WEB-XR.studio Viewers is for many people to be audience.
However, as a tool, WEB-XR.studio Editors is designed for complete professional use.
If you do not have an ability that can prepare 3D models, you can do nothing even if you register for its account.
When you can prepare 3D models, WEB-XR.studio will bring you to extreme dreams.

System Requirements

WEB-XR.studio Editors

  • Modern Browsers and MS Edge
  • MS IE: incompatible

WEB-XR.studio Viewers

  • Modern Browsers and MS Edge
  • iPhone, iPad Air and Modern type of Androids