Script Editor


Action name abbreviation

In the Case column in Script Board, Action names are arranged by abbreviations following sets and variables.
Below is a table of correspondence between abbreviations and official names.

Case Row

Label Each Case ID is displayed numerically, so it becomes difficult to understand if it becomes a complicated script.
It's a good idea to give this label a descriptive name.
When using Debug Log with Script Editor, you can debug more effectively with this setting.
You can also set all at once by pressing the Debug header.
  • No Log
    Due to this setting, the target case will not be displayed in the log.
  • Flash Msg
    By this setting, the log of the target case will be displayed as a flash message in the lower right of the Script Editor.
  • Skip
    This setting skips execution of the target case.
    It is just a skip for debugging. It is skipped in the preview play in Script Editor, but it works as usual in the actual Viewer.
Select the target Viewer.
  • All
    All Viewers
  • Embed
    Embed Viewer only
  • VR
    VR Viewer only
  • Marker Type AR
    Marker Type AR Viewer only
  • Marker-less AR
    Marker-less AR Viewer only
  • Embed & VR
    Both Embed Viewer & VR Viewer
    Both Marker Type AR Viewer & Marker-less AR Viewer
Handle voice button display and Steering mode activation
  • Set Audio Button
    Show the voice button.
    Audio/video from Mobile devices such as iPhone/Android It cannot be played/loaded without the explicit consent of the user.
    It is common to receive intent by letting the user press a voice button. The Start button for starting WalkIn and the button displayed in the dialog play this function.
    (In VR, the [VR Enter] button can be pressed only once.)
    Depending on the content and timing when these buttons are not displayed, it may be necessary to display the audio buttons with this [Set Audio Button].
    For audio/video loaded by Async, display the audio button after Async Action starts, It cannot be played/read without prompting the user to press it.
    It is necessary to display the voice button at a good timing in consideration of the script sequence and story.
  • Set Steering
    Start Steering mode.
    The viewpoint is reset at the start timing.
  • Unset Steering
    Exit Steering mode.
Var Variables
Val Constant Value
Lmt Limitation Value
Actions Actions are listed by abbreviation.
Correspondence table of abbreviations and official names