Script Editor


Action name abbreviation

In the Case column in Script Board, Action names are arranged by abbreviations following sets and variables.
Below is a table of correspondence between abbreviations and official names.

Case Row

Label Each Case ID is displayed numerically, so it becomes difficult to understand if it becomes a complicated script.
It's a good idea to give this label a descriptive name.
When using Debug Log with Script Editor, you can debug more effectively with this setting.
You can also set all at once by pressing the Debug header.
  • No Log
    Due to this setting, the target case will not be displayed in the log.
  • Flash Msg
    By this setting, the log of the target case will be displayed as a flash message in the lower right of the Script Editor.
  • Skip
    This setting skips execution of the target case.
    It is just a skip for debugging. It is skipped in the preview play in Script Editor, but it works as usual in the actual Viewer.
Select the target Viewer.
  • All
    All Viewers
  • Embed
    Embed Viewer only
  • VR
    VR Viewer only
  • Marker Type AR
    Marker Type AR Viewer only
  • Embed & VR
    Both Web3D Viewer & VR Viewer
    Both Marker Type AR Viewer & Marker-less AR Viewer
Handle voice button display and Steering mode activation
  • Set Audio Button
    Show the voice button.
    Audio/video from Mobile devices such as iPhone/Android It cannot be played/loaded without the explicit consent of the user.
    It is common to receive intent by letting the user press a voice button. The Start button for starting WalkIn and the button displayed in the dialog play this function.
    (In VR, the [VR Enter] button can be pressed only once.)
    Depending on the content and timing when these buttons are not displayed, it may be necessary to display the audio buttons with this [Set Audio Button].
    For audio/video loaded by Async, display the audio button after Async Action starts, It cannot be played/read without prompting the user to press it.
    It is necessary to display the voice button at a good timing in consideration of the script sequence and story.
Var Variables
Val Constant Value
Lmt Limitation Value
Actions Actions are listed by abbreviation.
Correspondence table of abbreviations and official names