Script Editor

Script for interactive movements

Basic panel (left side)

  1. Click this logo to quit the Editor.
    If there are any changes, a confirmation dialog would be displayed.
  2. Display Unit name
  3. Save your changes.
  4. Import the uploaded 3D model.
  5. Import the uploaded audio/video data.
  6. Open the [Script Board] window.
  7. Open the Config window.
  8. Change the operation target (camera/object).
    For PC, double-click is a shortcut.
  9. Change the movement/rotation.
    In case of PC, left drag moves. Right drag rotates.
    In case of touch device, it will be a shortcut to switch the movement/rotation by double-clicking.
  10. Change viewpoint Front/Standard/Overview
  1. Change category.
  2. You can select already imported objects by Import Models or Import Medias.
  3. Delete the object selected in ② from the scene.
  4. Change the Y-axis coordinate and scale of the object selected in ②.
  5. Copy the position coordinate, rotation value, and scale value of the object selected in ②.
  6. Used when pasting the information copied in ⑤ to another object.
    After copying, select another object and press this button to paste the information.

Play preview panel

  1. Seconds elapsed from the start of preview playback
  2. Activate the preview in the WalkIn state.
  3. Activate the Variables window.
  4. Activate the Debug Log.
  5. Start preview.
  6. Exit the preview.
  7. Select a preview type.
    It doesn't mean to emulate the Viewer, but
    It is a type selection that confirms the difference in behavior depending on the target of the script.
    • Embed
    • VR
    • Marker Type AR
    • Marker-less AR
    • Embed & VR
    • MTAR & MLAR