First of all, what does make for? consists of viewers that project XR expressions and editors that create "interactive movements".
Please learn what means "interactive movement".

For example, 3D tools can create animations. It must be "motion", but it is "motion" that plays the video from one frame to the last frame, which is essentially different from "interactive motion" here.

An "interactive movement" is a "movement" that reacts to a user's behavior.
For example, the following "movement".

  • When the user clicks somewhere, the 3D model plays the prepared action.
  • When the user enters the specified collision, the sound is played.
This is the "interactive movement", which consists of the user's event triggers and their react actions.
The "interactive movement" is what is commonly expressed in games.
In other words, what is made by the editors of can be paraphrased as making a game program.
Now, a new word has appeared in the sentence, "Collision". Next, "collision" is explained.

What is the collision?

If you're a game player, this is what you know. If you hit it, it will explode, or you will hit the wall so that you can not proceed.
But collisions aren't just about exploding, they can be used in many ways. roughly prepares two types of collisions.

If you have experience developing game programs, I think that the terms may be different, but you can easily understand them.
Please refer to the links for their meaning of each.

What is the script?

In, the action for the trigger is set in by the script.
When Trigger ID 1 fires, select settings such as executing Action ID 1 and 2 in the select box of Script Board
Naturally, at run time, it is interpreted it as program, but the developer can just select from the select box.

Object animation and Skeletal animation

There is an animation method called Skeletal Animation that can be created by 3D tools and import to
On the other hand, there is a method called object animation that moves the parent-child relationship of objects and rotation/position coordinates, which is created by Performing Editor.
The two methods are not the ones that are better. Use case by case.
Bone animation can be included in the object animation. viewers behave as part of your web page

The viewers are web pages with the domain
We have a dedicated Embed Viewer to embed it on your web page or blog.
However, in the case of AR or VR, it is meaningless unless it is full screen. In these cases, you can pass the Callback as a GET parameter and set it to return to your page from the Back link in AR / VR.