Embed Viewer

Bring the latest 3D expression onto your blog or webepage.
The viewer that can be embedded in the same way as FaceBook and Twitter timelines and YouTube embed tags.

VR Viewer

The Viewer for Virtual Reality.
You do not need expensive dedicated equipment. Just attach your smartphone to VR goggles.
VR goggles are very affordable. You can get them from Amazon.

AR Viewer

The Viewer for Augmented Reality.
When a specific shape called a "marker" is projected on a smartphone, augmented reality is projected on it.

Markerless AR Viewer

The viewer for Markerless Augmented Reality.
The effect of not using a marker is great, but since it is a device-dependent technology, even if the browser or OS is the latest, it can not be supported if the device does not have a function.

The loading control of the Embed Viewer

3D contents may become huge files if you are not aware of the web or due to lack of know-how/skills of developers.
However, WEB-XR.studio is web content.
Web content is problematic if it requires viewers to wait for loading after opening a page for minutes.
In particular, Embed Viewer is a viewer that is used by embedding it in general pages, so we have set restrictions so that visitors do not unexpectedly download huge data.
Support is provided in the following cases.

  • XR content with an initial download size of 1.5MB or more on a mobile device will be temporarily stopped from loading and a download start button will be displayed.
  • For XR contents with an initial download size of 6MB or more, loading is temporarily stopped and the download start button is displayed.
  • XR content of 2.5MB or more as displayed on the World Collection gallery will be displayed in English with a large size and recommended Wi-Fi environment
  • If the initial load does not start after 5 seconds for the XR content set by Viewer API, the download of the XR content is stopped and the DIV is switched to the transparent DIV. (Note that the initial load is not completed but started.)
    This is a case where the communication environment is very poor, with a communication speed of around 1M bandwidth. It is usually a timing that I do not care about, but when I am moving on a bus, Even in 4G and LTE, this is a case that may be far from the base station. In this case, even if the initial loading starts, the decent 3D model loading will not be completed after 10 minutes.
    So it will give up soon. (Even if it is 5G, it is quite possible that the bandwidth will be around 1M if it is far from the base station.)