Performing Editor

Edit object animation

It is an Editor that creates a parent-child relationship and creates an object animation that animates along the rotation/movement keys for each object.
Objects with Bone Animation are also treated as Performing Data.

Basic panel (left side)

  1. Click this logo to quit the Editor.
    If there are any changes, a confirmation dialog would be displayed.
  2. Display Object Name
  3. Open the [PARENTING] window.
  4. Create keys for all objects in the current frame.
  5. Display the pose when no key is pressed.
  6. Change the operation target (camera/object).
    For PC, double-click is a shortcut.
  7. Change the movement/rotation.
    In case of PC, left drag moves. Right drag rotates.
    In case of touch device, it will be a shortcut to switch the movement/rotation by double-clicking.
  8. Copies the position coordinates, rotation value, and scale value of the selected object.
  9. It is used when pasting the information copied in
  10. ⑧ to another object.
    After copying, select another object and press this button to paste the information.
  1. Change category
  2. Open the [ADD ACTION] window.
  3. Delete the selected Action.
  4. Select the added action with the above selector.
    In the lower selector, select the object group that exists in the Performing Model.
    ◇ is added to the beginning of the object name for which a key has been registered, and displayed.
  5. Sets the amount of movement of the object in 1fps units.
    Click the [Speed ​​for all parts] string to switch all/single.
  6. Set the amount of movement in 1fps units between 0 and 1 Step not included in the loop.
    Click the [Speed ​​for all parts] string to switch between all/single.
    Since this setting is somewhat special, we will add it later.
  7. This selector is displayed only when Skinned Mesh Object with Bone Animation is selected in ④.
    You can include Bone Animation in your key.
    For behavior, select modifier in the format [--modifier].
  8. This selector is displayed only when Skinned Mesh Object with Bone Animation is selected in ④.
    Set the influence weight of the Bone Animation selected in ⑦.
  9. Register the move/rotate key of the selected object to the Selected Step.
  10. Delete the move/rotate key of the selected object from the selected Step.

Play preview panel

  1. Selected Step / All Steps of selected Action
  2. Start preview.
  3. Exit the preview.
  4. Set a loop on the preview.
  5. Delete the selected Step.
  6. Insert a new Step after the selected Step.
  7. Indicates the selected Step.

Parameter input panel

You can rotate/move each object by dragging/swiping with your mouse or finger, Setting up precise movements is very difficult.
Entering parameters on this panel improves operability.

  1. Switches between rotation and movement.
  2. You can show/hide each object and include the state in the key.
  3. Show/hide [Parameter Input Panel].
  4. Display the name of the selected object.
  5. Enter the value in the X-axis direction as a parameter.
  6. Enter the Y-axis value as a parameter.
  7. Enter the value in the Z-axis direction as a parameter.