XR content design

Basic idea

The XR content of WEB-XR.studio is represented by a web browser.
It is not a pre-downloaded installable app.
Content that may take a few minutes to load may have problems as web content before XR. Since it is important for the viewer to be able to complete the download at the high speed the moment they access the browser, it is necessary to design to minimize the initial load size.
Considering the size of the screen that is actually displayed, it is also important to pay close attention to things such as Do not use unnecessary large textures.

3D drawing is comfortable on a fully customized gaming PC.
In game applications etc., we place orders by calling them recommended environment/target environment, etc. On the web, you can't place an order on your machine. In order to achieve reasonable performance in many environments, It is also important to effectively reduce the number of polygons in the 3D model.
Pay particular attention to the polygons used as the armature for bone animation. In Bone Animation, each polygon vertex is moved, so As the number of polygons increases, the execution processing speed will be affected.
On the other hand, in object animation, since the objects are moved as a single block, the effect on execution processing speed can be suppressed compared to bone animation.

Initial Load | Loading timing

It is the timing from when the content is accessed as loading logic in WEB-XR.studio Viewers to when the drawing is ready and the loading indicator disappears.
For media files such as audio and video, loading will continue even after Initial Load. The command is valid after the playback is ready.
Also, in the case of smartphones, this behavior is slightly different. In the case of a smartphone, the loading will start after confirming the reaction of the viewer, so the preparation for playback will be much slower.
Anyway, with Initial load, the primary purpose is to catch the viewer. Display the first object as soon as possible and complete the content preparation.
WEB-XR.studio may control if this Initial Load size is large. Please read the link below.
Embed Viewer loading control

Async Load | Loading timing

With WEB-XR.studio, you can load the 3D model at any time with a script even after the Initial Load.
For heavy models, you can load them while moving the contents after Initial Load.
However, if it is a heavy model, it will take time to load, so it may be necessary to devise to keep the viewer from getting tired at the completion stage of Initial Load.
You should also consider where the model appears. It is a device that makes it appear behind the door, such as behind a door, or by processing in a blind spot, and then walk naturally after loading.
These things depend on the taste of the creator.