GLB format export by Blender

GLB Export

If you are using the latest version of Blender 2.91.0 or later, you can easily use glTF Exporter.
If you are using Blender 2.8 or older, Check here for how to apply the add-on.

Export GLB

Launch glTF Exporter

Launch the exporter from File > Export > glTF 2.0

glTF Exporter

  1. Include:
    • Selected Objects:
      Export selected objects only.
    • Custom Propaties:
      Export custom properties as glTF extras.
    • Cameras:
      Export cameras.
    • Punctual Lights:
      Export directional, point, and spot lights. Uses the KHR_lights_punctual glTF extension.
    • This sample demonstrates how to use lights.
  2. Transform:
    • Y Up:
      Export using glTF convention, +Y up.
  3. Geometry:
    • Apply Modifiers:
      Apply modifiers (excluding armatures) to mesh objects.
    • UVs:
      Export UVs (texture coordinates) with meshes.
    • Normals:
      Export vertex normals with meshes.
    • Tangents:
      Export vertex tangents with meshes.
    • Vertex Colors:
      Export vertex colors with meshes.
    • Materials:
      Export materials.
    • Images:
      Output format for images. PNG is lossless and generally preferred, but JPEG might be preferable for web applications due to the smaller file size.
    • can controle exported vertex colors. See this sample.
  4. Compression:
    • Compression Level:
      Higher compression results in slower encoding and decoding.
    • Quantization Position:
      Higher values result in better compression rates.
    • Normal:
      Higher values result in better compression rates.
    • Texture Coordinates:
      Higher values result in better compression rates.
    • Generic:
      Higher values result in better compression rates.
    • Even after compression, the 3D model still big size, can help such situation, see this tutorial video.
  5. Animation:
    • Animation:
      Exports active actions and NLA tracks as glTF animations.
    • Shape Keys:
      Export shape keys (morph targets).
    • Skinning:
      Export skinning (armature) data.
    • This sample has facial animation by NLA tracks.

Exporting Bone Anime Armature requires NLA Editor operation. Also, material settings require unique operations in glTF (GLB).
For more information, please check the official Blender manual.