Fully operability by API ...

Not a stylized package.
You can control WebXR content from outside page.
Its API can call arbitrary motions and camera viewpoint changes on time, and can also make the background transparent.
Next-generation web expressions such as reactions that match page movements and combinations with AI chat are possible.
You can feel deeply potential from these API EXAMPLES...

Suitable Web content ...

The web content have to be waited few minutes until its appearance, is unsuitable. let you unconscious for loading stress.
When you embed it on your web page, it wil act as part of your page.
Same feeling as FaceBook timeline and YouTube.

You can upload 3D models. brings your 3D modles to life.
Free placement, movement, call of motion.
Interactive reaction in response to the user.
Its expression switches with one setting
VR, AR and Web Page.

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Professional tool.
Can you prepare a 3D model?
Blender conversion process ...
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Have you ever used a 3D modeling tools?

The editor tools of has nothing to do unless you prepare a 3D model.
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